Energized Racing has been involved with 4wd competition since 2008. Mainly involved in Tuff Truck styles events in NSW competing in our highly modified Toyota Bundera.

Our Tuff Truck has under gone several changes in its competing career and is currently getting a rebuild.

Energized Racing is now making the move into Ultra4 racing with an upcoming series Aust4 starting here in Australia and with the Ultra4 race series moving to Australia as well.

Energized Racing has been very lucky in gaining sponsors throughout the 4wd industry and giving us the opportunity to promote their products in their desired niche market.

Our Ultra4 buggy is being built with one word in mind “Versatile” We are endeavoring to make this buggy like a swiss army knife not purely designed around speed but able to be a good crawler, and with a few winch challenge comps in mind we are catering to that as well.

Ultra4 Racing is one of the fastest growing motor sports in the world. It is a cross over between desert racing and rock crawling. A sport where a buggy has to be stable in speed sections but still able to crawl crazy rock obstacles.

Energized Racing Bundera

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